Links 2021

‘Maty’ praised by international charity (24 January 2021)

Health campaigners hope new maternity unit will allow more births in Caithness (6 February 2021)

Plea from north MSPs for 21st century maternity service in Caithness (12 February 2021)

Highlands experiencing a mental health crisis, says MSP Edward Mountain (17 February 2021)

Shadow Conservatives health minister says now is time for ‘rethink’ of services across Highlands and Moray (18 February 2021)

Health chiefs pledge to cut waiting times for far-north women (5 March 2021)

Call for consultant-led maternity services to be restored to Caithness (6 April 2021)

Maree Todd pledge over ‘safe and sustainable services’ after Caithness maternity challenge (7 April 2021)

New unit at Wick hospital will enhance the experiences of mothers-to-be (17 April 2021)

Assurance given by NHS Highland over Caithness General Hospital audiology service (18 April 2021)

Edward Mountain calls for full restoration of maternity services in Caithness (16 June 2021)

Pregnant cows have better safeguards than expectant mothers from Caithness, says local health campaigner (20 June 2021)

North health boss apologises over ‘unsatisfactory’ number of Caithness patients admitted to Inverness psychiatric hospital (23 July 2021)

Health Secretary urged to review Caithness maternity services (23 July 2021)

After five years of pushing for the return of full maternity services in Caithness, are far north mums any closer to making their voices heard? (2 August 2021)

Moray is getting an independent review into maternity services, so why can’t we? (3 August 2021)

The Orkney model: Here’s why Caithness maternity campaigners are asking NHS Highland to copy their northern neighbours (4 August 2021)